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Terrence McKinley Moor

Founder and CEO,  Quit Quitting and Grow®

“During my ‘hamster on the wheel’ period, I managed to remain self-employed, starting and managing over a dozen types of businesses. I have been in a successful marriage for over 35 years; purchased my first home at the age of 26; became a published author; a community leader, productive citizen, and role model. From outside appearances, I have always been successful and on my way to greatness. However, I secretly knew that I was barely scratching the surface because I was battling with an inner struggle. 

Despite all of my accolades, I was silently fighting a daily struggle with bouts of recurring nightmares, irritability, anger, stress, depression, lack of concentration, indecisiveness, and anxiety. This silent struggle is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

I am now at the golden age of my life, and I have learned how to move forward in life. After years of being busy, going through the motions, and looking like I’m making moves, I realized that life for me had been nothing more than a ‘hamster on the wheel’ movement. After much therapy, research, and multiple professional development programs, I created strategies that helped me successfully pivot and create the life I desired. 

I tested my strategies and steps with friends, family, and clients, which resulted in the Quit Quitting & Grow™ programs and services we offer today. These steps have helped me with my marriage, business failures, personal finances, grief, and personal relationships. Let us help you get unstuck and live the life of your dreams.”

-Terrence McKinley Moor, excerpt from his book, How to Quit Quitting & Grow Through Any Struggle: 3 Effective Steps.

More about Terrence:

  • Terrence Mckinley Moor is a consummate professional speaker, growth mindset, and expert self-leadership authority. He has earned his place as one of the most prolific speakers in the industry who can reach any audience by delivering proven strategies that have an immediate impact.

  • Terrence is the author of two books on growth and self-development that are solution-based. 

  • Since 1993, Terrence has consulted and led others to improve themselves from the juvenile, adult, family, and community sectors. Organizations, government entities, universities, and associations trust his leadership, experience, and proven track record.

Workshop Facilitator

Served various organizations from Corporations, Associations, Colleges, Schools, Government entities and faith based communities.

Mental Health Advocate

Survivor of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. 

Signature talks on :

  • Growth Based Motivation

  • Growth Based Mental Wellness

  • Growth Based Self Leadership

  • Growth Based To Overcoming Obstacles

Our Mission

We are committed to empowering individuals and groups with self-development products and services that emphasize mental fortitude in their personal and professional lives.

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